Bug in the SBS 2011 Migration Preparation Tool, FRS & DFS

My service lead found a bug in Microsoft’s SBS migration tool yesterday.  Here is his report on the issue.  Great work Brendan!

I’m sort of proud to report that we’re responsible for
discovering a bug in the SBS 2011 Migration Preparation Tool – MS will work to
either write a rapid-response blog post outlining the issue and/or update the
tool to accommodate the issue… which is:

In a 2008R2 domain that’s had its functional level raised to
2008, FRS is deprecated in favor of DFS Replication. You cannot start the FRS
service at all. Unfortunately, the migration tool checks to make sure that the
FRS service is running – if it’s not, the tool fails.

MS worked with me on the source server to verify that the
schema version is at the right level, then made some registry edits on the
source server so that the SBS 2011 installation will proceed without saying,
“The migration prep tool hasn’t been run on the source server, blah blah blah…”

Kind of an interesting case to work on.

The things we checked for and/or edited were:

ErrorsFound -> changed from 1 to 0
MigrationReady -> changed from 0 to 1


Verified Schema version:
HKLM\SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Services\NTDS\Parameters
Schema Version left at 0x0000002f (47)

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  1. Applied but doesn’t work.
    updated the SBS2011 MPTool, but doesn’t work too.

  2. Is there a fix to this yet? I’m running into this issue right now.

    should contain no spaces so:

  4. Had the same issue, for those of you who still have this issue–what worked for me ended up being simply this:
    Uninstall the Migration Prep Tool
    Reinstall the Migration Prep Tool

    Assuming you had run it previously and resolved any other issues and this was the only one left, it should now allow you to move forward. No messing with Registry or anything else needed.

    Hope this helps!

    • YES! That was it. I ran the tool two weeks ago, migration was postponed, so I ran it again, _with_ updates and it borked on the FRS not running. A simple reinstall was all it took. Thank you, and thank you again.

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